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Excalibur Corgis
Hello and welcome to Excalibur Corgis. My name is Claire Smith and I would like to take this
opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and tell you a little bit about our kennel and our dogs.

My husband, Robbie and I own Excalibur Kennel. I have been a long time fan of the King Arthur
legend, so when we acquired our first show Corgi, Buddy, in 1987, we decided on the kennel name

However, my interest and love for these fantastic little dogs goes back into the 70's. My mother
and step-father raised and showed German Shepherds and many of the breeders also had Corgis.
Our first Corgi was a daughter of Ch. Calusa's Brandy Alexander TD. We got her as a companion
for my brother and to keep our German Shepherd puppies herded up. Two jobs she enjoyed
immensely and handled with the typical Corgi enthusiasm.

I showed German Shepherds for many years until my knees gave out from the Olympic-style
running that had become the norm for the breed. I was forced to bow out of the Shepherd ring,
but I still wanted to raise German Shepherds. We continued breeding and showing for several
years, however, the health problems that plague this noble and intelligent breed were too much for
us to emotionally handle. We lost several of our dogs to the dreaded bloat, despite all efforts to
save them. When our fourth Shepherd lost her battle to bloat, we made the decision to stop
breeding and showing them.

These fantastic little Corgis just have the ability to "worm" their way into your heart. They are
very similar to German Shepherds with the exception of their size. But they firmly believe they
are "big dogs." Our goal is to produce happy, healthy, outgoing Corgis that are able to fit every
need, from companion to competitor in conformation, performance, agility, therapy or herding.

My husband, Robbie, has always been a dog lover. When we married, he never anticipated having
more than one or two dogs, but he's willingly accepted my hobby and now he enjoys it as much as I
do. He helps me take care of all our fur-kids and loves to play ball with them. He's also a great
midwife and a pro at tube feeding. He doesn't even mind getting up in the middle of the night to
feed puppies.
Our puppies are born and raised in our home and receive love and gentle handling from day one. We
keep noises and activity to a minimum for the first three weeks by giving the mother a warm and
secure "den" where she can rest and devote her full attention to her babies. We keep a watchful
eye on them, but as a rule, Corgis make excellent mothers.

After the puppies eyes are opened, they are handled for longer periods of time and exposed to
normal daily noises and activities within the house. We allow the mother to stay with her puppies
for a more extended period of time than some breeders do, as the mother will play with them,
correct them and teach them the proper puppy manners they will need in their adult life. We
believe this helps our puppies become well-socialized and by the time they are old enough to be
placed in their new homes, they are ready to become an integral member of your family.
A quiet moment sharing some "girl" talk.
Every puppy or dog going to their new home comes with AKC papers or AKC Registration Application,
sales contract, a veterinarian health certificate as required by Florida law, and a five-generation
pedigree that includes pictures of the parents. To help make the transition into their new home, we
provide a supply of the food the puppy is currently eating. We encourage you to keep in touch and
send pictures of the puppy as they grow. We love baby pictures!

We thank you for visiting and meeting our dogs. They are truly an enchanted breed that has
enriched our lives through their love and devotion. Please contact us for further information.

Benjamin and Claire Smith                                      352-503-5044 - Please leave a message
Attacked by the "Kissing Corgis"
Excalibur's Little Big Man, aka "Buddy"
The dog was created especially for children. He is the god of

                            - Henry Ward Belcher
Resting after a romp in the yard.
Corgis love being with people, especially if they can cuddle in your arms.