Rosie is the undisputed "Queen" of Excalibur Corgis.
Originally, we brought her into our home to be a family pet and
a nursemaid to our German Shepherd puppies. Then, as she
grew older, we noticed she was acting lonely and depressed.  
We decided that she needed a male companion of her own kind
and we got Eb's April Jester, aka Jessie. It was love at first
sight. We kept a daughter from their last litter, Excalibur's My
Name Is Trinity, to carry on for her mother.

Rosie has been officially retired and celebrated her 11th
birthday October 29th. She is still in good health and enjoys the
life of the pampered pet. She loves playing with the puppies
and eagerly looks forward to her daily Beggin' Strip treat.
Excalibur's Kiss From A Rose - "Rosie"
Goodie came to us from Jan Emmett and Adelia "Dee" DeRosa
of Jamarca Kennel. Several people told us she would have
easily finished her Championship except for the white on her
left ear. While most breeders would have placed her in a
companion home, we felt that with her structure and pedigree,
we wanted to see how well she did in the whelping box

Goodie hasn't let us down. She has had three very nice litters
and every puppy has been correctly marked. Goodie's final
litter was born June 14th - two boys and one girl. The proud
father is our Merryleg's Wake Up The Band, aka "Lupin." We're
hoping they will be outstanding show prospects. You can see
them on the
Puppies page. This is Goodie's last litter and she
will be officially retired to live life as a couch potato.
Jamarca's Goody Two Shooz - "Goodie"
Trinity is the daughter we chose to keep from Rosie and
Jessie's final litter. We have not been disappointed with our  
decision. Trinity is a truly wonderful dog and without a doubt
one of the best mothers you could hope for. She free-whelped
a litter of ten and took care of them without any help from us.
True to Corgi Nature, Trinity will curl her body around her
babies, lay her head over them and look at us as if to say, "I'm
doing my job. Please don't touch them.'

Trinity loves to "dive" in the wading pool we have set up in
our backyard to keep them cool in the hot Florida summers.
She is also an enthusiastic ball chaser and will "herd" the
neighbors free-range chickens out of "her" yard.

Trinity's final litter was born June 20th - two very handsome tri
males. The father is our gorgeous Ch. Mapleleaf's Phaeton, aka
"Moose." You can check them out on the
Puppies page.
Excalibur's My Name Is Trinity - "Trinity"
Fiona is a daughter from Trinity's second litter. She was
named after Fiona Horne, the witch in the reality television
Mad Mad House. I was always calling her a "little witch"
because she was the most mischievous puppy, always into
everything and the first to investigate anything new.

There is one thing Fiona takes very seriously - motherhood.
She has had two litters with our Ch. Mapleleaf's Phaeton, aka
"Moose." Those two are absolutely in love with each other.
Her daughter, LeeLoo is pictured below. Two sons from the
second litter, Junior and Harley are showing strong promise of
being top contenders in the show ring. We hope to starting
showing them soon.
Excalibur's Fiona - "Fiona"
LeeLoo is Moose and Fiona's first-born daughter. A
substantial young girl, she closely mirrors her father in type,
but you can detect traces of her mother, as well. LeeLoo was
named after the supreme being in the movie
The Fifth
played by the Russian-born model and actress,
Milla Jovovich.

LeeLoo is one of the sweetest girls we have, but she is the
typical Corgi, always on the go. She especially loves trying
to catch our resident "tree rats," aka squirrels that love to
taunt her by staying just out of her reach.

It will be exciting seeing what her puppies are like.
Excalibur's Fifth Element - "LeeLoo"
Poppy is also a Trinity daughter. It was a toss-up between
her and a very pretty red and white girl, but in the end, we
chose Poppy. We figured it would be nice to have another Tri.

Poppy and LeeLoo (pictured above) are constant
companions. They were born within two weeks of each other
and have grown up together. Poppy being smaller and more
athletic, can out maneuver LeeLoo, but LeeLoo uses her
body weight to "pin" Poppy to the ground. The two of them
love to wrestle and mock fight and never tire of a good romp
around the yard that ends with one of them reaching "home
base" first. Home base being the wading pool.
Excalibur's Tri And Stop Me - "Poppy"
Brinnie is Moose's daughter out of Ch. Buckhorn Ledroc Hello
My Baby. Originally, all the puppies in this litter were spoken
for, then Brinnie became available. We jumped on this
opportunity and bought her. We had owned her Grand Aunt
(Southpaw Never A Dull Moment) and had planned on
breeding her to Moose. However, she developed an uterine
abscess and had to be spayed.

Brinnie is the ultimate "busy" dog. She is almost continual
motion, and is literally fearless. She learned to jump on the
roof of an extra large dog house at a very young age. She will
also take a flying run at the dog house and literally repel
herself off the side or effortlessly leap right over it. We
believe she would make an excellent agility dog and we're
going to look into that possibility.
Penfro Excalibur's Victoria - "Brinnie"
A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more
than you love yourself.    
                                             - Josh Billings
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